Founded in January 2021, Warping Theories is a streetwear label started out by two individuals who were initially running separate brands - “Warp” by Kuship Parmar and “Pro Anti Theory” by Urvash Parmar. As they say, good things come in pairs. We knew we had the same vision to create something unconventional for the Indian clothing market and change the way streetwear was looked at. Warping theories is comfort incorporated into style, and a refreshing set of colorways.

Warping Theories was born out of a fascinating concept of neutrals being accepted both, as a statement and an accessory to it. As a brand, we wanted to incorporate this concept into creating pieces that spoke to the world through our simple silhouettes and detailing, advocating a sense of timelessness.

We at Warping Theories believe Minimalism - Functionality - Neutrals are a staple for every season.